Introducing Jesus Talk 2.0

Let’s Get Consistent with Jesus

Jesus talk 2.0 exists because of you!

Yes! You read that right. I made Jesus Talk 2.0 because so many of you guys have reached out and shared how Jesus Talk was changing your life. As a result of the feedback, Jesus Talk 2.0 was birthed.

Have you ever considered journaling but didn’t know where to start? 

Yeaaaa that was me! I realized that so many people have never started journaling because they don’t know where to begin. This is why I decided to share my personal journaling experience in hope that you grow in gratitude. This journal is meant to help you begin or strengthen your connection to Christ through gratitude, honesty and learning to truly give your prayers, problems, concerns, joys and ideas back to the one who created you.  

Instead of sharing your thoughts with people, through Jesus Talk you will learn to pour your heart out to God. He will provide all the clarity you need to grow, heal, move on and be your own hype man.

Jesus Talk 2.0 is updated with a convenient spiral binding, smaller lines with more space, an extra free page after each template and MOST IMPORTANTLY, 22 days of the NEWLY ENHANCED Jesus talk template this journal will help you create a consistent habit of pouring it all out to him.

Yes, it’s okay to pray for the same things everyday. Whatever you do – DON’T STOP PRAYING which is talking to Christ!

Jesus Talk 2.0

Want to be consistent with your Jesus time?! Then this is the tool that you need to take things to the next level.



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brave – patient – consistent

Your daily reminder to be brave, be patient and be consistent. This shirt is super soft. You may want to go up a size.

Ya FAV Cup

Your daily reminder while you sip your tea or coffee that some things are just “Nice, but not needed”. This is your daily reminder that not most things are nice, but not needed. Let’s be good stewards of errthang!

Before Jesus Talk, I really didn’t know how to journal. I would always get stuck at “what do i even write?” “Where do i start?” To the point of where I would be paralyzed when it came to journaling. Jesus talk gave me an outline and system to follow when it came to journaling. Thank you

Brittany Jason, Illinois

Before Jesus Talk I didn’t know how to journal neither was I talking to God. Also it feels really good writing what I’m grateful for daily.

Victoria Montgomery, Missouri