Jesus Talk

February 2019…

2019 It Works Conference After Party

In 2018, I started journaling consistently. By 2019, I realized how important journaling was to my growth. Therefore, I wanted to help people get into journaling because it was changing my life so drastically. God had been pulling on my heart to create a simple system to help people start journaling. Not just any journal, but a journal directly designed to help you connect directly to him.

So here we go….

Have you ever considered journaling but didn’t know where to start? 

Yeaaaa that was me! I realized that so many people have never started journaling because they don’t know where to begin. This is why I decided to share my personal journaling experience in hope that you grow in gratitude. This journal is meant to help you begin or strengthen your connection to Christ through gratitude, honesty and learning to truly give your prayers, problems, concerns, joys and ideas back to the one who created you.  

Instead of sharing your thoughts with people, through Jesus Talk you will learn to pour your heart out to God. He will provide all the clarity you need to grow, heal, move on and be your own hype man.

I am so excited about the new journey that Journal Talk is going to help you go on! I cannot wait to hear how this journal has impacted your relationship with Christ and your overall clarity with you everyday walk in life.

Jesus Talk Journal

This journal is prayed over and includes free shipping.