Well hello friends!

Heyyyy! You’ve reached the site of Rachel Whigham. Welcome to my website! WOW isn’t that crazy! Me? Having my own website lol. Anywho, my prayer is that by the time you click off this site you’ll feel empowered somehow. That’s my job. God called me to be a full time empowering machine. Pretty cool huh? So whether you’re trying to get your life together, body or all of thee above lol that’s what I’m here for! Enjoy!

Wife ▪️ Mom ▪️ Jesus Lover

You see that guy kissing my forehead? That’s my boo thang. My husband of 5.5 years, but we’ve been together for 12. I met him in college. I was so broken. Sometimes I sit back and wonder why God decided to favor me when he sent Mr. Whigham my way, but I’ll take it! I met him at my probate which was an introduction to the world after I crossed and became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. He had just became a NUPE (member of Kappa Alpha Psi). We have 3 handsome boys – Trey (13.5), Zayden (2.5) and Zyair (9 months old). I brought my husband from his traditional corporate job almost 4 years ago through our home based business (which you can join) – It Works. 

I am obsessed with all things Jesus and have never been more excited about the purpose I’m finding in my life.


Jesus Talk 2.0

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